Herwig and Robert is intruducing a new workshop day in Munich on the 29june19 from 13:00h – 19:00h. In the compination of hypnoses and tantric massage you will discover a deeper connection and deeper love.

Experience a special way to feel an intensive massage.

This workshop is strongly limited by the number of participants in order to guarantee individual care.

In a first step we will explain the exact procedure and do some preparatory exercises.
We will then show and practice the appropriate massage positions for this approach, so that no further explanations are necessary during the later hypnosis and the accompanying tantric massage. After a break you can devote yourself completely to your deep experience as a giver and receiver without any further technical details.

This new workshop of GayLoveSpirit is aimed exclusively at men who already have experience with erotic/tantric massage and is limited to 6 participants.
In preparation we will send you a questionnaire, which you should fill out and return to us two weeks before the workshop day. The information in this questionnaire is necessary for us to create an optimal situation and will be handled by us with confident.

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