In this series of posts, trainers of the summer evolution festival will introduce themselfs and there sessions.

All trainers can be found here

I’m Moxe, I have been leading groups in gaylovespirit for many years and I love to share massages, systemic rituals, and osteopathy sessions. I live in Barcelona, born in Tel Aviv and I live for many years in different queer communities around Europe.
Sharing experiences with others, sharing my knowledge and finding connections of intimacy and healing are my desires and that is why I keep coming back to Summer Evolution.

This year I would like to offer several workshops:
Chakra massage session where we will look at our energy centers as sacred parts of our body and bring them all together in a sensual way.

I will also offer an exploration exercise. We will walk around our beautiful location we are in and share our experiences and stories in a playful way.

Together with Bosque, I will lead a big psychedelic puppy pile with a multimedia experience of music and images.

At last, I will conduct a ritual around open relationships, something that every gay man had to seriously decide to practice or not. Taking into account the third person involved.