We always try to be relevant and innovative, but more then anything, we like to share our knowledge and skills with our community. We all find it very hard to get through the day to day. We aim for your Dreams.

Make a Wish for your life. Make a dream come true. Start the one thing you never dared to do.

In an intimate and save group you will find answers to the question. What do you really want and need? We will work on your transformation, ensuring you set goals that will give you more freedom, more pleasure and more power to reach them. With body work, group interaction and one to one talks we will refine your goal, find traps in your everyday surroundings and family history. In the group we will build up the resources that will help you on your way and with powerful rituals you will find the inner strength to follow your path.

Together with Moshe and Tommi, a group of like minded men, in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

We will start a journey to create a new quality in your life that was always meant to be there.