What is Summer Eros?

The 6-day men’s community at Bötzsee offers a unique experience in the midst of nature. The idyllic location of the Neue Spitzmühle creates an inspiring environment that enables participants to dive deeply into Eros and group work. A central component of this community are the body-oriented processes, where the power of the group is clearly felt. Through yoga, massage, body, energy, breath and voice work, the men experience an intense connection to their bodies and emotions. Activities that require a protected atmosphere take place in the main tent and the boathouse; other activities can also take place outdoors – on the meadow, on the jetty, on the raft or in the forest, creating a lighter atmosphere. There you can easily and gently connect with and enjoy nature. 

The group processes are guided sensitively and allow participants to let go completely in the bodywork, meditation and massage. These experiences offer a valuable distance from everyday life and allow for intensive regeneration. In addition, there are also daily guided small groups that allow for more intimate sharing and deeper, loving encounters. 

The lake, the trainers and the temple

The lake, of course, also has a supporting role. During intensive group work it can happen that there are inner encounters with (old) emotions (from your past) – jumping into the lake helps you to cleanse yourself inwardly and prepare for the next beautiful, loving and erotic encounters. 
The men’s community is led by six experienced trainers who support the participants in their individual processes and growth. Once again we learn to listen to our bodies and needs, to set boundaries and to respect each other’s boundaries. From the first superficial encounter, connections and familiarity develop on many levels. Long-lasting and trusting friendships often develop between the men during the retreat. 

On some days you can re-experience your power and eros in neotantric rituals – listen to the needs of your body and let yourself drift in the flow of energy. 
The official and guided programme ends in the evening. If you still feel like meeting men in a playful and sensual way after a wonderful day, the temple is open to you later in the evening, where you will meet like-minded men. Now you are allowed to communicate non-verbally and try out everything you have learned during the day. 

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Good for body, mind & spirit

Another important element of Summer Eros community is the alcohol and drug-free time during the retreat, which supports you physically as well as mentally through healthy Ayurvedic cuisine. You have the opportunity to experience the supportive effect of the nutrient-rich meals for your regeneration. Occasionally, the small groups are invited to help with the kitchen activities, which allows for a different way of getting to know each other and working together – and sharing with the communicative Ayurvedic kitchen team. 

Another highlight of the community experience is the wonderful party on Saturday evening. Here, the men have the opportunity to express their creativity in various performances and unwind. The festive atmosphere strengthens the sense of community and creates unforgettable memories. 

Some quick history and conclusions

Summer Eros was first held in 2005 in the Bergisches Land region near Cologne. After that, the locations changed several times. For a few years we celebrated it at the outdoor dam Pegasus near Cuxhaven, for many years at the Schlüßhof in the Uckermarck. Since 2016, we have been in the enchanting Neue Spitzmühle at Bötzsee, about 40 kilometres east of Berlin. The retreats usually consist of 24 to 36 participants and 5 to 7 trainers. 

All in all, the 6-day men’s community at Lake Bötzsee offers a unique opportunity to get to know yourself better, to build deep relationships and to take a sensual time-out from everyday life. The nature, body-oriented processes, guided group activities and supportive food create an atmosphere that promotes eros, growth, healing, friendship and community.

Head on to the event page to book your ticket, or write us an email at info@gaylovespirit.org for any further questions.

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