Thomas: This was your 1st weekend workshop with GLS. Overall impression – was it intense? 

Nico: Yes, this was my first weekend workshop, but having participated in the summer events in August for 8 days made it quite easy to digest. It was still somehow intense as there are always a lot of body/mind feelings emerging in these situations, but in a good way. I would say intense, but not overwhelming.

T: How was the choosing of partners?

N: We were always paired randomly.

T: And how did that go?

N: It went actually quite well. In our day and age especially, where we can be extremely picky when choosing a partner because of the dating apps, I think it is a big fear for many people to be paired with someone you’re not into and then feeling blocked, and I also had it. But it was actually quite refreshing and I never felt that way.

I would say it was a learning process: in the end it’s about two humans sharing an intimate, beautiful experience, which should be pleasurable for both. If you’re open to this, then I think you don’t need to be necessarily attracted to someone to enjoy their touch.

T: What was the age range?

N: I would say between 30s and late 50s, with the average age being around 45.

T: How did it feel to be touched by different men? I mean, was it always good? Was it easy to ask what you wanted, desired, or what you wanted to be changed?

I wouldn’t say it was 100% of the times good… more somewhere between okay and awesome, while never being really bad. It’s interesting to feel someone’s personality and state of mind through the way they touch you or receive your touch. You can definitely feel if someone is very shy or in their head, for example, and it’s cool to feel them let go.

As we are all there to learn, there is the occasional awkward moment, but again, it was never bad for me. I hope my partners felt the same!

It wasn’t always easy to state my desires – this is a personal struggle of mine that I know I need to work on, and this was a good reminder of that.

T: How was the atmosphere during the breaks?

Mostly relaxed & friendly, with the occasional natural awkwardness that you get when you put 12 people who don’t know each other in the same room. I’m quite an introvert so it’s not easy for me to connect to a group of strangers, but I felt that everyone was very kind, thoughtful and down to earth. I’m pretty happy about the kind of crowd that we attract, actually!

T: How was it to sleep in the venue at Tajet Garden?

N: Quite nice. I have trouble sleeping well also in my own bed, but I still woke up feeling good. I think sleeping in the venue helps a lot to establish a “nest” feeling and to feel more comfortable in the space also during the workshop.

T: How were instructions? Could you follow? Was it easy to learn and was it fun to practice?

The instructions were easy to follow, and there was always space for questions when something wasn’t clear. Something to improve, I think, would be to have a stronger focus in translating what is being said in all the languages of the participants; I felt like sometimes I was missing some pieces because of this.

Learning the techniques in sections, giving and receiving, and then performing a complete session on the last day helped solidify the knowledge. And yes, it was definitely fun to apply; I’m now looking forward to have my first sessions outside of the workshop!

T: Anything else you’d like to add?

N: Just the usual “thank yous” I guess.

To you, Thomas, for creating a framework where it’s possible for men to experience a different, conscious approach to sexuality, for sharing your knowledge, and for keeping things always running smooth during the workshop.

And of course to all the men, myself included, for showing up for this weekend. It wouldn’t have been the same without any one of you!