Every winter we have the feeling that it is longer than any winter before… Winter sometimes makes us lonely, slow, pensive or a bit moody.

An inner journey to the Rainbow Warrior and to Shamanic Eros is a good opportunity to get out of the winter spiral and back into connection. 

Robert leads the two workshops of Rainbow Warrior and Shamanic Eros with great dedication and passion. He will enable you to let yourself fall into the magical space. 

You can connect, sing and feel with your queer brothers in the workshop. You can experience healing bodywork, dance and feel a wonderful community. This will strengthen you to come through the winter in joy and to be in inner connectedness.

If you are with us on both days, your heart will rejoice and you will be very grateful for the gift you have given yourself! 

The workshop will take place in Cologne on 11 + 12 February and in Berlin on 18 + 19 February. Click here to go to the workshop page where you can book your place. If you have any questions, please write to us at info@gaylovespirit.org