The practice

We also take good care of ourselves. In addition to going to the gym, alternative body practices like Yoga and Pilates have long been part of the gay mainstream; and even tantra is rather common in our group of ten. Still, it’s going to be exciting.

The beautiful dome where we had most of our sessions…

The day begins at sunrise with yoga and ends after a final evening tantra session in the cool evening air. As Thomas explains at the beginning, communication in Tantra takes place mainly through touch; the spoken word pauses during the massages. We work in pairs, naked and in constantly changing couple constellations. In addition to more technical aspects such as massage and breathing techniques, the naked bodies are the scene of a communication that hardly takes place anywhere else. For desire is also stripped here, step by step. And this in the heated room with 10 naked and sweating gay men! Regardless of the appearance and physical equipment of the counterpart, the aim is to grasp foreign body worlds, to comprehend them with your hands. In spite of the notorious objections of a tireless mind: it is worth to explore this terrain with Gay Love Spirit. On Gran Canaria. In Berlin. Or elsewhere.

by Gerd Fechner