We’re very happy to announce that Zephyr’s Garden will be back next November for the 2021 edition! This will be the third time we are hosting this workshop and the first two were both quite successful. Everybody left very happy and satisfied, and how could it be otherwise…

It’s a great combination of learning erotic massage, relaxing, moving, being in nature and playing with the other men of the group. Eros develops during the workshops and in the free time, and can be explored further by the pool, on the walks or in the hot tub at night.


We are taken care of by the boys and girls of the Eco Tara staff who are very kind, welcoming and even good looking… 😉 Everybody there is very relaxed and we can walk around naked in the property without any problem.

The place itself is situated in a stunning valley between the mountains and there are many paths to go on hikes up the mountains from where you can enjoy stunning views.

The 2020 edition was only a little more than a month ago and if you want to know how that went, our dear Gerd wrote a funny and beautiful recap in four parts, here you can find part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 will be coming soon.

Next dates will be from 20th till 25th of November 2021, and here you can find the event page with the link to book. Yes, it’s still a long way and nowadays it’s hard to even plan for tomorrow, but keep it in your radars… it’s worth it 😉